vendredi 6 novembre 2009

Ansel Collins bevor Skamstag

Heute ist nicht S(k)amstag und noch Freitag, aber trotzdem gibt es heute Abend Nighter. Im Tommyhaus! Unterschied (zu der Völkerfreundschaft) ist: mehr skinhead reggae, mehr revive. Sowie hierunten, Bigger Boss von Ansel Collins. Und jedes Mal, wenn ich dieses fröhliches und gutlaunemachendes Lied letzter Sommer hörte, auf dem Weg hin- und zurück von der Gebäude der Kaiserin, und traff dort manchmal diesen *!!*#!grumpf Herrn Doktor, sang ich eher: "Oh, bigger boss / oooh / work this shot / work, man / bigger boss" (statt "work this shop" - er war nämlich bullig und ich brauchte meinen täglichen Gegengift in den Arm).
Testosteron und Pheromomen beiseite.
Hier ist was allmusic sagt uns:
Who's the "Bigger Boss" here, Ansell Collins or DJ Sir Harry? If you asked Leonard Dillon, he'd probably reply he was, as it was his band The Ethiopians who sent ( "Everything Crash") up the charts, and it's that hit which "Boss" versions. Here, however, producer JJ Johnson picks up the pace slightly, assumedly by speeding up the tape, for otherwise this is a note- perfect rendition of the original riddim, with Collins now sitting pretty on top. For many of his solo spins, the organist had little more than a riff to bounce off of, but "Crash" boasted a strong melody and Collins makes the most of it, swanning over the tune, flamboyantly puffing it up, while overhead Sir Harry brags that he's not only the "Bigger Boss" but also The Originator. But that's an idle boast, for in the sound systems one and all knew that title belonged to U-Roy. But it was Johnson that took the exuberant toaster down a few pegs, crediting this 1969 single not to the rabble rousing DJ, but to the showboating organist.
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