samedi 6 novembre 2010

Sonia Pottinger († RIP)

Und Sonia Pottinger ist tot, teilt uns die Jamaica Observer mit.
Et Sonia Pottinger est décédée, nous informe le Jamaica Observer.

Pff… Après Gregory Isaacs, le 25 octobre dernier, et Sugar Minott avant lui, c'est maintenant Sonia Pottinger qui vient de mourir. Pff…
Seufz… Nach Gregory Isaacs, am 25. Oktober, und Sugar Minott vor ihm, ist nun Sonia Pottinger gestorben. Seufz…

Lass uns It's So Hard Without You von Queen Patsy wieder hören, das Sonia Pottinger produziert hat - und das (leider) zu dieser Gelegenheit so treffend ist:
Réécoutons It's So Hard Without You de Queen Patsy, que Sonia Pottinger a produit - et qui (hélas) est on ne peut plus approprié à la situation:

On relit ce que les copains japonais de Rock A Shacka racontaient, sur leur compilation consacrée aux chansons de Queen Patsy produites par Miss Pottinger, à propos de la rencontre des deux dames:
Wir lesen wieder, was die japanischen Kumpeln von Rock A Shacka über die Begegnung der beiden Damen erzählten, auf ihrem Sampler mit Liedern von Queen Patsy, die Miss Pottinger produziert hat:
Sometime in 1965 Patsy met Miss Sonia Pottinger who was was on her way to becoming a very promising producer with songs such as her first big hit, Every Night, by Joy & Chuck. She produced a number of Patsy's masterpieces, some of which are included in this CD, such as You Took My Love and Your Photograph (…) Patsy has said that just before recording Pati Pata, she remembers Sonia Pottinger coming to her house to pick her up and they drew up to the Wareika Hills to rehearse with Count Ossie and the Wareikas. At that time the Wareika Hills were considered as a “no man's land”, the most scared rude boy scene. Those were all very pleasant times she recalled.

Sonia Pottinger, Miss Pottinger, DIE grosse Produzentin, ganz einfach DIE Frau der Ska- und Reggaemusik, eine Musik die die Frauen so schlecht behandelt hat.
Sonia Pottinger, Miss Pottinger, LA grande productrice, tout simplement LA femme du ska et du reggae, une musique qui a tellement maltraité les femmes.

Un dernier mot, justement, par les Rock A Shacka:
Ein letztes Wort von den von Rock A Shacka, und zwar dieses:
Jamaican female singers were always admired by the record buying public in Jamaica. Patsy is and remained one of the most loved and versatile female singer to ever come out of jamaica. Patsy droped out the recording music scene in 1969, because she found out later that her records were released without her knowledge and she was very hurt.

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