mercredi 15 décembre 2010

"I'll tell you words of comfort"

Et JB a beau écouter, réécouter, écouter encore et encore, il n'en revient toujours pas tellement c'est beau:
Und obwohl der JB es hört, und wieder hört, und wieder und wieder, kann er gar nicht fassen, wie schön das Lied ist.

Allez, tous en chœur:

I love you like I want you
And I kiss you like I need you
Every night
I'll draw you close to me
I'll tell you words of comfort
It's my delight
Darling I've grown to love you
More every day
And I've got a song to sing
Each lonely night, oh yeah, oh yeah

Stronger than the north winds
Higher than the mountains
That's my love for you
And I will never hurt you
Nor will I forsake you
Darling be true
It's only a matter of time, oh yeah
Then all of my dreams will come true in every way

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