dimanche 27 juin 2010

WM/Mondial: Deutschland vs England (art/Kunst)

Il est 16 heures et le match Allemagne/Angleterre commence. Bien évidemment, on le regarde avec ses copains.
Es ist 16 Uhr und das Spiel zwischen Deutschland und England fängt an. Selbstverständlich schaut man es an, mit seinen Kumpeln.

Und neulich, beim Zeitungenaufräumen, stoss man wieder auf einen Artikel in der TAZ über eine in Januar 2010 organisierte Ausstellung in der Hamburger Bahnhof, die man leider nicht gesehen hat. Der Künstler heisst Paul Pfeiffer und das Kunstwerk The Saints, eine Video- und Soundinstallation über das 1966 WM-Spiel zwischen… Deutschland und England.
Et récemment, lors d'un énième rangement de journaux,on est retombésur un article paru dans la TAZ sur une exposition organisée en janvier 2010, à la Hamburger Bahnhof, qu'on regrette aujourd'hui de ne pas avoir vue. L'artiste s'appelle Paul Pfeiffer et l'œuvre d'art s'intitule The Saints, une installation sonore et vidéo sur le match de la Coupe du Monde 1966 opposant… l'Angleterre à l'Allemagne.

On regarde une vidéo de cette installation:
Man guckt sich ein Video dieser Installation an:

On recopie l'explication de l'œuvre par la galerie Saatchi qui l'a exposé à l'automne dernier, dans un texte de Bill Roberts.
Hierunten ist die Erklärung des Kunstwerks geklebt, d.h.: der Artikel von Bill Roberts für die Ausstellung in der Saatchi-Gallerie, die The Saints auch gezeigt hat:
In a large empty building nestled close to the new Wembley Stadium, Paul Pfeiffer's new sound and video installation, 'The Saints', sees the New York-based artist tackling - if you'll excuse the pun - the national British obsession: football. Pfeiffer has built a considerable reputation for his photographic and video works that appropriate iconic imagery from the worlds of pop music and sport, though up to now it has primarily been American obsessions that have caught his attention. In many works, he digitally isolates a single individual from a larger group, leaving the backdrop intact, seemingly to enhance their larger-than-life presence. For instance, in the photo series, 'The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse', the artist removes all but one of the players from a basketball court, leaving the crowd looking on in awe as the remaining star jumps up for a slam-dunk.
In Wembley, viewers enter the building to the sound of crowds chanting numerous anthems, from Rule Britannia and When the Saints Go Marching In, to Deutschland über Alles. The soundtrack, emanating from a large number of speakers, is lifted from the 1966 World Cup final between West Germany and England, the most famous sporting event ever to be held in Britain. Pfeiffer, who was born in Honolulu and grew up in the Philippines, has filmed a large gathering of sports fans in Manila as they cheer and chant through footage of the England-Germany match, and this will be shown alongside footage of the original event itself. On one screen, Pfeiffer repeats his device of filtering all but one of the athletes from the pitch, and the viewer is left following a single lonely individual as he jogs and sprints, apparently aimlessly, from one corner of the pitch to the other. Running until the end of October, 'The Saints', a project developed with the help of Artangel, will entice football fans and non-football fans alike, both for its celebration of the beautiful game and simultaneous probing of spectacle culture.

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